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Open Range Tallow Co.

Lavender Sunrise Whipped Tallow Balm

Lavender Sunrise Whipped Tallow Balm

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Indulge your skin with our Whipped Tallow Balm, a silky and luxurious head-to-toe moisturizer. Ditch the chemicals and embrace the natural whole food nourishment that our ancestors used. Naturally rich in saturated fats and vitamins A, D, E, & K, this balm feeds your skin and helps heal and restore from the inside out. Ideal for sensitive skin and offers relief and healing for many skin ailments. Open Range Tallow Co.’s Whipped Tallow Balm is the perfect choice for healthy and nourished skin.

Our company sources pure beef suet from our sister company Agridime to craft artisan, triple-purified tallow in-house. We use every part of the animal, honoring its life and providing nutrient-rich products. Let us waste less, live sustainably and feed our bodies the nutrients it needs. God Bless.

Ingredients: 100% all natural pure tallow, extra virgin olive oil, essential oils: lavender, bergamot, and vanilla oleoresin.

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Customer Reviews

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Corinne Smith

The scent is beautiful but not too heavy and the balm is soft and luxurious. It is probably the best moisturizer I have ever used and the best part is it’s all natural simple ingredients. I feel safe using it and my skin is deeply hydrated. I use it on my face at night too. It’s so good my 21 year old son uses it on his face too. I will definitely be a regular customer and I highly recommend it!

Kimberly Evans

Lavender Sunrise Whipped Tallow Balm

Please make this edible😅 (just kidding)

The smell, oh my goodness, it's divine. The texture is like the silkiest, smoothest, fluffiest buttercream frosting. It feels amazing going on. It takes a minute to "soak in" to my skin, but then feels great. I also like to use this on my kids' chapped winter cheeks, and they love the smell too and ask what it tastes like. ;) Will definitely be purchasing from here again!


I can never go back to before I smelled the decadence of Lavender sunrise with the godly texture of stiff whipped cream.
This has changed the game for my skin.

R. C.
Small but mighty

I saw the size and was initially disappointed but a little goes a long way! Amazing stuff!

Why Choose Tallow?

Tallow is a vitamin-rich moistuizer that can penetrate deep into the skin. It's similar to our skins natural oils making it a great fit for nearly anyone. Even our acestors used tallow for skincare long ago.

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  • American Made 🇺🇸

    We source all of our tallow from our sister company Agridime — a farm to table meat company, owned and operated by our family. We render all of our tallow in house using traditional methods. We artfully craft each product with love and gratitude. Our goal is to use every part of the animal as a way to honor its life and the bountiful harvest it brings us. Let us waste less, live sustainably & feed our bodies the nutrients it needs. God Bless.