About Us

Open Range Tallow Co. was founded by the brother and sister duo, Jessica and Josh. We were raised on a farm in rural Illinois and have always had a love for nature, animals, and the beautiful earth. We started Open Range Tallow Co. to help people have healthy skin, non-toxic safe burning candles, and all-natural products you can trust.

Our Mission

Our goal is to use every part of the animal as a way to honor its life and the bountiful harvest it brings us. Let us waste less, live sustainably, and feed our bodies the nutrients it needs.

The Founders

My name is Jessica and I am a BSN, RN by profession. I am the creator of all Open Range Tallow Co. products. I have carefully crafted each recipe with our body's largest organ in mind, the SKIN! With my knowledge and background as a nurse, I wanted to create products that are unlike any others... Products that can heal the skin from the inside out, provide holistic care, and actually WORK! I want to help people in a new way. I want to help YOU have radiantly beautiful, healthy, and moisturized skin like never before.

My name is Josh and I am the owner and founder of Agridime, a farm-to-table meat company. We pride ourselves in offering grass-fed, grass-finished, pasture-raised, no hormones, no antibiotics meat. Every part of the cow has value, not just the meat. They provide tallow, candles, body creams, cosmetics, soaps, toothpaste, leather, cooking oil, biofuel, medications, gelatin, and so many more. We want to use every part of the animal to honor its life and the bountiful harvest it provides us. This is how our sister company Open Range Tallow Co. was born.

The History of Tallow

Tallow has been used for centuries and it dates back to 3500 BC. The Egyptians were known to make candles, bar soaps, salves, and unguents for wounds out of tallow. The first tallow candles were made in 500BC by dipping reeds into melted tallow to produce candles. Tallow is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K as well as stearic, oleic, and palmitic acid. All of these components are necessary for skin to be happy and healthy. Let us waste less, live sustainably, and feed our body the nutrients it needs.